Don’t let your dog use your laptop

So Friday I was working on my laptop sitting in the easy chair in the living room, laptop on my lap sitting firmly on the lapdesk, when I decided to go do something else and plug the laptop into the charger.  I set the laptop on top of the ottoman and plug the charger into the laptop and then get up to do whatever.  As soon as my back is turned away from the laptop I hear an awful crash and immediately turn around.  My dog Oreo, who I wrote about before, has left his perch on the back of the easy chair (where he lies behind my neck) at breakneck speed to charge the front window to bark at a leaf falling or something like that.  In his haste he fails to negotiate his way over the power cord which is running down the side of the ottoman and hits it full stride, carrying my laptop with him.  In a split second the laptop is face down on the floor, folded open completely flat.  I had no idea it would open all the way flat.

With trepidation I pick the laptop up, determine no visible damage, breathe a sigh of relief, and set it back on the ottoman.  Later when I’m working on the laptop I get a critical battery notice which surprises me since the adapter is plugged in.  You guessed it, the adapter port on the laptop has been damaged, probably bent, and the plug is not making contact.  Now I have a very hard time getting the plug to make contact good enough to charge the laptop.  Guess it’s time for service.  Of course, I was depending on the laptop to help set up the Sony U that arrived yesterday and this put a bit of a crimp in my plans.  Fortunately, I had taken my own advice and had a second battery handy and was able to get most of what I needed (docs mostly) before both batteries were drained.  I’m going to change the dog’s name to Murphy.

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