The Mac Media Center Project

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The Mac Media Center Project, an open source project to develop a complete media center interface for the Mac mini, launched this past week. There’s already links up for how to connect all your A/V hardware (also see Engadget’s how-to for more on that), but the crux of the project is developing integrated software to support the Mac mini as a media center. I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with for a 10-foot-interface! If you want to get involved, there’s ample opportunity to contribute code, graphics, or just feature requests, though most of the coordinator positions have already been filled.

Despite rumors that Apple may be up to something similar themselves, it’s great to see users making the products our own. (Okay, their own. I’m in no shape to develop fun things like that.)

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Martyn Ford

Ever built a Media Center? We did and it can also run Front Row if you can install it.

Melbourne Australia, Dec. 1, 2005 —, Delivering a complete Programmable Media
Center Solution. Software company Geniecommands today introduced
an exciting new Macintosh software program designed to give consumers
more control and fun over their digital entertainment experiences in
their lounge room.

GenieCommands is a unique programmable software application
that allows you to control all your applications and media via simple
menus, in a theatre or lounge room environment. The Media Center
is a computer like the Mac Mini combined with the Geniecommands software that
provides an all-in-one entertainment system for your entire family.

While attached to your television screen it allows you to enjoy your
favorite entertainment such as; watch DVDs, record TV or pause TV,
listen to music, share your digital photos, access the internet and more

We have provided a complete set of demo menus to get you started,
with links on where to download additional software. These menus
can then be edited to suit your lifestyle or create a new one.

GenieCommands provides a kiosk push button environment
where users can get easier access to the best of what the industry has
to offer in software. This is achieved through simple user defined
graphic menus, to access all the scripts and to control almost any

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