That WiMax Thing, ain’t happening


The Economist has finally pricked the WiMAX hype bubble. Sure I have been crying hoarse about this crap, but hopefully now finally rest of the world will see the light. With $500 in consumer premise equipment costs, the technology doesn’t make economic sense even as a DSL replacement, though it could. It will be relegated to a back-haul application, and that’s exactly what it is good for.

Glenn: With the increase in speed and sophisticated of systems based on or parallel to Wi-Fi and 3G cellular, it’s just hard to see mobile WiMax’s place in that ecosystem by the time 2007 rolls around.

TechDirt: Despite claims by several firms that they are offering WiMax technology today, the actual number of WiMax devices on the market is precisely zero. That is because the WiMax Forum, a standards body that oversees the technology and ensures that gear from different vendors works together, has yet to certify any devices with the WiMax label.



Although Wimax is a competing platform for mobile & ISP operators on surface, it’s the best mobile voip/data solution for rural and project-based applications.

The world economy needs technologies to evolve and thrive. Wimax will prevail, only when business models sorted out among the stakeholders.

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