iPod Shuffle Review

I finally got my 1GB Shuffle today. The nice FedEx man dropped off a huge box. (huge relative to the size of the shuffle its self). Upon opening said box, I was confronted with 4 things:
1 iPod Shuffle box; approx the size of 4 jewel cases stacked on top of each other.
1 plastic bag full of air; I estimate the volume of the bag to be about 1 cubic foot.
1 box of Apple in-ear headphones; the normal iPod phones hurt my ears.
1 receipt.
One thing I have always noticed about new Apple products is their smell. Apple stuff have a pleasant polycarbonate scent, as opposed to the malodorous stench of fresh PC hardware.
Upon opening the Shuffle box, I was immediately commanded, “DON’T STEAL MUSIC!”. Apparently stealing stuff is bad. I decided not to bother with the software installation, and plugged the thing in right away. iTunes presented me with an iPod setup dialog, and began auto-filling my Shuffle. Because I am on an old iBook, the process took quite a while. I would say about half and hour passed before the Shuffle was full up. Plugging in my headphones, I pressed play.
The sound quality on this little thing is astounding! Crisp, clear, full sound. This thing doesn’t skimp when it comes to sheer audio power. One thing I did notice was some interference coming through before the music started playing.
I was worried that the Shuffle would feel too light and flimsy. I am pleased to tell you that the device has a reassuring weight to it. Not too heavy, not too light.
Over all, I give the Shuffle a 5 out of 5 stars. This thing is great. Go buy one… NOW!


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