Cisco & Juniper Holes & Flaws

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Now problems with routers and vulnerabilities associated with large networking gear is not as sexy as say some virus crippling your cellphone, or some phishing scam, but it is a security nightmare nevertheless. In an increasingly networked world, not a day goes by when some company or the other reports problems with its gear. Cisco’s IOS is showing its age, and the number of flaws and vulnerabilities is being reported on a much more regularity. Barely a week after it reported VoIP related flaw, there is news of three more denial of service (DoS) flaws in Cisco IOS, and this involved who the IOS handles MPLS packet processing, IPv6 and border gateway protocol.

Juniper is having its own set of problems. According to Broadband Reports forums, Juniper had to rush out a patch to large ISPs. Though there is not much public information available on the Juniper site, US-CERT has issued an alert. I guess we should expect more such problems in the future as the net-infrastructure is put to extreme stress tests and number of broadbanders keeps rising.

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