WiMAX+VoIP equals billion dollar hype


The WiMAX standards are not even close to being finalized, there is no silicon and the infighting between various backers of the technology continue, yet in-Stat believes this could be a market worth billions by 2008. (Okay we will hold them to it!) All you need is to stir some VoIP into the pot and see everything simmer nicely, In-Stat says.

However, argue the analysts, WiMAX providers will need to bundle wireless broadband services with voice over internet protocol (VoIP), so that consumers will save money every month, even though they are upgrading from dial-up internet access to broadband. Beyond VoIP and broadband, WiMAX promises to eventually provide a solution to the high cost of mobile phone use. (DM Europe)

Daily Wireless corrects me: 802.16-2004 was published by the IEEE in the fall of 2004 and Wavesat is shipping 802.16 chips. The WiMax Forum’s all important certification process that tests for compatibility between different vendors has been delayed 6 months and will begin accepting vendor equipment in July.


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