UPDATE: Mac Mini Upgrade Price-drop


As we reported recently, some of the Mac Mini customization options have been lowered in price a mere 2 weeks after it’s release to market.

Well rest assured (if you’re one of the folks who bought and upgraded early), Apple will be refunding the difference in price between what you paid, and what is now being charged.

Way to step-up, Apple.

(also, as was noted in the comments of the above referenced post, the Superdrive which had been swtiched to an 8x version, is now back to a 4x version again…)



While I was at MacWorld, I met one trainer who was really excited about the Mini because it was a) small and b) cheap. He had previously been taking along iBooks to serve as test beds when he travelled for his classes. Now he’ll be able to use smaller boxes and save money too.



First time blogger hear, found your site and I’m impressed.

I noticed the price drop to. For me the super drive speed drop is great if it can lower the overall price, I’ll can be patient if it means saving $.

I would love to get a mac mini now, I think it is a winning idae for apple, but I want to wait until OS Tiger comes out in a few months so i’ve heard.

I think the mac mini will be a bigger success than the cube, that came out several years ago, simply baised on price. Although those in between desktop and laptop models have always had a hard time finding a market, for any computer maker. I think it can be a great alternative to a laptop.

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