Ten Minute Review: Pages

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I have just gotten to play around with Apple’s new application Pages and I have to say that I like it. It isn’t as fully featured as Word but I think that for many people it will be more than capable of replacing Word.

My first impression is that Pages is trying to actually fill the void between products like Word and InDesign. It isn’t a pro level page layout application and it isn’t a fully featured word processor but it makes a better page layout application than most word processors, Microsoft Word included.

I use Word quite often and have gotten used to all the little things that used to bug me to death but I think I just might switch to Pages. I will definitely try it out enough to write a full review on it in the near future. For now I think it will be just like all the other iApps, nice for low-end users but not really a professional or power user solution.

P.S. I have yet to read Dan Pourhadi’s review or anyone else’s for that matter.

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The main target of Pages isn’t replacing Microsoft Word; instead, it’s meant to offer what Microsoft Publisher does on Windows and no other non-pro application offers on the Mac.

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