Search for People, Just Don’t Find them

Business 2.0 Blog points to new search feature over at which allows you to find people and create a virtual resume. Or not. Damon over at Business 2.0 typed in his name. Result. Title: Chief Executive Officer, Company: Manic, Date: 9/19/2002 8:01:56 PM. Following his lead, I typed my name and according to them, I am still working for Red Herring, Intuita, IEEE, ….. , till entry #10 which says: Business 2.0. David Dorman, whose company might be bought by SBC, still has the job, the engine tells us. For now. How about Bill Gates? Well I guess world’s richest man doesn’t really need a job. Paris Hilton? She is american actress (in porn movies i assume), founder of Hilton Hotels, and board member of Video nation, the company which was selling her sexcapdes. John Kerry, so shocked by his defeat has now taken up religion and become pastor of the United Christian Church. Try Jeff Bezos and the answer is blah blah…. Company: Beleaguered Amazon! Oh man, even I the most cranky skeptic will say … that’s so 1990s.


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