Moleskine has arrived!

MoleskineYou can’t turn any direction on the web these days without bumping into the Moleskine phenomenon.  I have been trying to figure out what makes people turn into such fanatics about them, after all they are just notepads, right?  Steve Makofsky of Furrygoat Experience fame (as well as others) took pity on my Moleskine ignorance and sent me an extra one he had so I can see for myself.  It arrived today and I feel, well, different already.

Maybe it’s the fact that the Moleskine will fit in my shirt pocket.  Or the elastic band that holds my innermost thoughts away from prying eyes.  It could be the bookmark that will go anywhere in the little book that I place it so I can easily return to my page of choice.  Maybe it’s the secret pocket in the back that no ones knows about but me.  It could be the way the edge of the pages shimmer when I hold it in the light just so.  Maybe it’s all of those things that makes it so unique.

No, I think it’s the creamy smooth white expanse that fills every single page.  The silky feel of the paper when you brush your fingertips, just the tips, across it.  The sensual glide of the pen across the page that makes everything you write seem special, even important.  The smooth sound, barely audible but definitely there, that is heard when you move the pen slowly across the page in nice, even lines.  The very smell of the Moleskine that excites the senses.  I need to be alone with my Moleskine now.  Thanks Steve.  :)


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