In a story run by both The Register and Gizmodo, Apple apparently had a snippet of HTML that included the reference to “apple_g5_powerbook” on it’s powerbook page.

powerbook-g5-html courtesy of Gizmodo/The Register

It’s gone from Apple’s site now (The Register reports it being gone within an hour of their finding it). The code referenced a 1 by 1 pixel place-holder image. Interestingly – you can still go to the image at (though it’s not really anything to look at):
Does it mean anything? You be the judge. But Apple’s obviously got something in the works…

Either that, or Apple’s messing with us people. It’s driving me crazy. Not that I’m in the immediate market for a G5 powerbook, but if they were to come out, I just might be…



Check out a pic of the new PB G5 at It is so hot!!!


way to go nick! good catch! I dont know how I missed it when going through my morning feeds.

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