Why Bloggies Suck


Bloggies are on again… and one more time they suck. First of all the damn site was down for most of the two days. There are more reasons – Why? because the damn list ignores the fastest growing blog tool – WordPress – in the blog application category. What was the criterion here? Who comes up with this shit? My other pet peeve – the Asia blog section. It includes every blogger from China, India and rest of Asia minus middle east. Oh please – go buy a geography map, compare it with blog data, and then break it down accordingly. Asia cannot be a monolithic section – it is a continent with many flavors, and regions, each different from another. Many other reasons, why we should ignore Bloggies 2005. (No links to the site for precisely those reasons!)


Nikolai Nolan

Hey, I’m the guy who runs the Bloggies.

The finalists were picked from a randomly selected panel of 150 people that nominated, and it’s up to them what makes the finals. I was disappointed to see WordPress not make it (it was one of my nominations too), but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. At least Blogger stepped out for the first time in history. Guess we’ll have to try again next year.

If Asia were broken down any further, I’d have trouble even getting five nominees per category; Asian, Latin American, and African/Middle Eastern consistently get the smallest amount of nominations, mainly because the English-speaking voters have no clue what’s out there to nominate. There’s also not much room to add categories by dividing the geographic ones further; I’d sooner remove them all then double their number.

leo prieto

Same here. Shocked not to see WordPress, but what was even worse is that in their Latin American Blogs section, they mix spanish and portuguese speaking blogs (as different as India and China), and what made me mad is that half of the nominees in that section are in English! And they all suck. (Well, I was mad too because my own blog was not nominated, but now that Om says it’s ok to hate them, I’m happy I’m not part of it!)

Camille King

I can’t believe that the Bloggies website was down so many times. I mean how can we take them seriously when they can’t even manage their own infrastructure. How are people supposed to vote when the site’s bandwidth is constantly exceeded?

Nick W

Yeah, website awards suck in general – it’s sooooo 1997 – bloggers have only just discovered all this shit though, bless ‘em heh..

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