Sony Vaio T150 review


Vaio_t150The Sony Vaio T150 is a traveler’s dream with the 10.6" widescreen and weight of around 3 pounds.  Sony has dropped the webcam that was the landmark on all the old Picturebook notebooks and added a DVD burner making it a sweet portable multimedia device.  PC World has published a review of the little Sony and rate it as "very good".  Recommended reading if you are in the market for a small notebook.

(via engadget)



I have the TR2AP, while it is perfect for traveling, I wished Sony put the ATI 9600 video chip in so I can play some good games. Same thing with the T series, Sony never put any good video chip on their laptop.

Louie Tran

This thing is cool. If it had the Radeon 9700 videocard on it, then I would buy this thing immediately. Oh well, the world can never be perfect ;)

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