Sonos Digital Shipping


Gentlemen, charge your credit cards, for the coolest music system on the planet is about to hit the stores. Sonos, the digital music system which has taken much abuse from me for not being available is going to be shipping starting tomorrow. I for one have been waiting for it with baited breath, because it so matches everything I have – that is everything Mac I have. (Six Questions for Sonos!)

“After nearly three years of hard work, we are proud to offer digital music fans the first product that allows them to enjoy their digital music library throughout their entire home and control it all from the palm of their hand. At a quarter of the cost of traditional analog whole-home stereo systems, we make multi-room audio available to a much larger audience,” said John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos. The 50-watt per channel system has some nifty features, which is why I have wanted one from the day I saw it. The ZonePlayer, for instance can access and play a wide variety of music formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC (MPEG4) and WAV, stored on a PC, Mac or Network Attached Storage (NAS), and comes bundled with customizable Internet Radio stations. You can buy it over at and will hit the retail shelves soon. Sonos now offers an introductory bundle of two Sonos ZonePlayers and a Sonos™ Controller for $1,199.00. Additional ZonePlayers retail for $499.00 and additional Controllers retail for $399.00.


Christian Gloddy

I was really disappointed to see this in their specs:
“DRM-encrypted files not currently supported”
which i assume includes any songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

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