Sharp SL-C3000 review coming


Zaurusopen_1The good folks at Dynamism have graciously offered a Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 evaluation unit which I should have in the next few days.  I will bang around on the Zaurus (just a figure of speech Dynamism) for a review of this most interesting Linux-based PDA.  I am especially curious how much utility is added to a device like this by giving it a form that converts from a clamshell to a slate.  Pics will come when I get the device.



I can’t wait for this review from you!

I’m slowly breaking down with respect to the OQO. Once they release a larger battery, I may be sunk.

All of the other problems appear to be correctable:
– Heat (glue a thin heat absorbing polymer to the battery)
– Weak Wifi (I have a cheap USB 802.11 b/g dongle)
– Performance (Ultimately, to replace my PPC all I need is surfing power so a 1GHz Transmeta chip should do it)
– Docking station (Jory mentioned alternative solutions)

I’m a bit concerned about Transmeta and their chips, so Flipstart may be a while off on releasing product.

It’s surprising OQO didn’t get any insight on the Transmeta chip decision. I wonder if they would have also held off releasing product if they had known?


Eirik, DOA units should just be replaced. I would push that with the retailer if you can. I don’t believe brand new units should be repaired even if it means disputing it with your credit card company if you can. Just my two cents.


Well, it’s winding its way back to the US as I write, I guess. If it goes in for repair, it will have to be Fedexed from Illinois to Japan, then back to Illinois again and then on to Oslo, Norway. Makes me wonder if this really is the third millenium… ;-)


Well, let’s just hope your unit arrives in a usable state. Mine came earlier this week, but had a defective On/off switch. It’s being returned today. :-(

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