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iLife ’05 Caution

If you’ve not yet picked-up or installed the new iLife ’05, then heed some warnings from folks who have. Learn from their experience my friends.

Ya know the readme files? Read them!
First off, there are txt files with each of the iLife apps that give information about installation, preparation, caution, etc. READ THEM. But since you know you won’t, here’s the skinny:
Backup your files beforehand!
Backup your iPhoto Albums, iTunes Library, iMovie projects, iDVD projects, and Garageband projects.
(I’ll do a piece on OS X backups shortly, but in the meantime, at the very least, copy these files to another hard drive, or another place on your hard drive if you don’t have an external drive.)

Be Patient. Let the computer do its thing.
Beware – the processor will be getting a work-out from the new iApps (folks with G5’s have even been mentioning this). iPhoto especially – at least at first. These apps will need to re-index your libraries of files; and the more files, the longer it’ll take. The ’05 architectures are certainly at least slightly different from the previous versions, so rebuilding of the xml and other structures that support your libraries may also take a chunk of time and processor use. So be prepared to let your system do its thing to get up to speed right after your installations.

Hard drive hog
If you don’t think you’ll use all the iLife apps, then pick and choose. They will take up somewhere in the ballpark of an additional 6 gigabytes of space on the installation drive. So if you’re low on storage, only install what you will use.

iPhoto seems to be the big offender so far.
In iPhoto, if you’ve got lots of 3rd party plugins added to it (I’ve got photon, iphototogallery, flickr), remove them prior to running the iPhoto ’05 upgrade.
To remove these:

    Navigate to your Applications folder.
    Select iPhoto and Get Info (Apple + I or File – Get Info).
    In the Get Info view of iPhoto there should be a “Plug-ins” section. If it’s not maximized so that you can see what’s in that section, then click the arrow to maximize it.
    Select the 3rd party plugin to remove, and then click, “Remove”.
    Repeat as needed.

In some cases, people still had problems with iPhoto ’05 after the upgrade. In cases such as these, a full deletion of the iPhoto application, a reboot, and a fresh install of iPhoto ’05 has done the trick.
Another thing that’s been recommended, is to keep an installation of iPhoto ’04 on another machine if you have it. Don’t upgrade all your machines right away. See how the ’05 version runs and when you’re satisfied there are no bugs (or at least bugs you can live with), then upgrade your other iPhoto installations.
As always, be a little cautious.

iMovie HD has shown a problem here and there
There have been scattered reports of problems with importing and recognizing (previously proven) cameras. Also the play-through feature (allowing to play a vcr through your camcorder to iMovie) has reportedly been a problem. The details are sketchy, but some have had issues.
I’ve not read of these things as wide-spread as the issues with iPhoto, but they’re out there. Could also be that more people use iPhoto regularly, and iMovie is less used at this point in time. Take it as you like.

Many people (mostly the iPhoto users here) are calling for a swift bug-fix update to the iLife ’05 suite of applications. Your mileage may vary, but be warned – and backup your data first!

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  1. I am trying to reinstall iMovie HD and although I have removed every trace of iMovie on my system, the installer won’t install, saying a “newer copy of this application is already installed”. Tried everything – reset PRAM, restart, disk permissions, etc. Anyone have any ideas?