Arpu concerns as Vodafone passes 150 million customer mark


Vodafone Live! is reported as “doing very well”. The company added 3.9 million customers to the content portal in the last three months of 2004, bringing the total to 28.3 million. Nevertheless, market analysts are concerned that the company won’t be able to keep a decent average revenue per user. “There must come a point when a customer can’t or won’t spend any more on mobile telephony. That said, the aim is to offer more and more services to lure the customer away from spending elsewhere – on music downloads for example – and to some extent, given our dependence on the mobile phone, that may work.”
Vodafone also said it was on track to get 10 million 3G customers worldwide by March 2006. Chief executive Arun Sarin said 3G would see a ‘gradual’ take up rather than a ‘big bang’…

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