Using Skype on your home phone-rapidBox


RapidboxSkype is probably the most useful free utility you will ever find providing one of the best VoIP services around.  What was missing until now was the ability to untether yourself from your PC so you could make Skype calls from your regular phone.  From the rapidBox web site:

rapidBox is a USB device that connects between your PC and your regular telephone (including cordless). With rapidBox, there is no need to get an additional phone that may sometimes cost over hundred dollars just so you may make VoIP calls to save on your phone charges.

rapidBox is a rock solid device that provides crystal clear, zero-delay audio to your VoIP calls. It comes with a software that allows you to send/receive calls to your Skype contacts without having to be physically sitting in front of your PC. Of course it also allows normal sending/receiving of regular phone/fax calls. Furthermore, with 2 RJ11 ports on rapidBox, you are free to connect a second phone or a fax machine; which makes rapidBox perfectly suited for home office use and indispensable to all VoIP users.

rapidBox is going to sell a ton of these at $50.

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Would someone kindly forward an *END-USER REVIEW* of said above product. I would like to know more about:

1. sound quality ie. excessive hissing
2. voice packet delay (if any)
3. user integration/operation


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