Mac Mini’s Already Cheaper to Custom Order


The Apple Store has dropped pricing of it’s custom components for the Mac Mini.

1GB Ram now down to $325
80GB Hard drive down to $50
Wireless combo of Bluetooth and Airport Extreme down to $99

Also, the superdrive option is now an 8x offering rather than the previous 4x.

My guess is (and this is probably way obvious) that Apple was quickly seeing that people were getting only the bare-bones systems and losing the potential upgrade revenue to aftermarket retailers (like crucial for instance). not to mention the pricing they can charge to install it at the stores. I think this’ll make the customization option more enticing, as it’s nearly cutting those listed in half of their original prices. Makes a fully tricked-out Mac Mini that much cheaper and viable for everyone.

I’d be ticked though, if I’d bought one off the bat for the high-mark-up pricing originally laid out for those custom upgrades.

hat tip to macrumors for catching this!


Brendan Byrne

I’m going to be getting either a mac mini or (another) iMac for my family’s use within the next week, so I was comparing the specs on the two. I thought it was a bit of a bad idea to have a vastly superior drive on the mac mini than what is available on any of the new iMacs. not that i dont think its a good idea for apple to have the faster drive in the mac mini, but, at least, they should upgrade the imacs to have a drive that is at least as good as the 8X DVD – & + RW drives, instead of just the 4X DVD-R drives they currently ship with.

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