Commitment, anxiety and attention


I have had commitment issues. For the longest time, I could not commit myself to living in San Francisco. The life was always more fun in New York, and I so desperately wanted to go back to the Big Apple. The only place, I called home. Why? because as an immigrant, to me it was America. Secondly, some of my best friends are in New York. I have wanted to go back for the longest time, wistfully dreaming of days when I could have a drink at Steak Frites. Or dinner at Tamarind. Or simply walk on the westside.

I am not. I am staying put in the city by the Bay. However, I am moving to a new apartment in two weeks. It is big, airy and has lots of light. Perhaps, it will be the refresh I need and propel me to finally get cracking on the next book. A lot of it has to do with work. I think I have found my mojo and well Business 2.0 is humming! I like the people I work with. (Whether they do, remains to be seen!) We are doing part of the Silicon Valley zeitgeist now – we get to the real important stories before everyone else.

The new apartment perhaps will help me overcome some of the anxieties. I am wrought by the thought of 1200 unanswered emails, and nearly 6000 unread posts in NetNewsWire. So much so, I cannot deal with the new stuff, and it just is piling up. (2004 I used to get 50 emails a day, but now its like 300 a day – even dot.mac wants more money because I am running out of space – anyone have suggestions for a good hosted Exchange service!) I have not checked Andy or James’s VoIP thoughts in three days! Makes me a horrible friend. Does anyone else have these problems? Talking about anxiety, Steve Gillmor has a solution to this – he calls it attention. I met with him yesterday – he had decaf and I had extra shot so we were even – an he said I must listen to latest “Attention” specific podcast over on The Gillmor Gang. He and I have tussled over many issues, but its not personal. As a parting shot, he admonished for not podcasting. Can anyone help me out there? I need to learn how to podcast in three easy steps. As you might have noticed… my attention span is short these days.


Om Malik

I’ve got an article with details on podcasting (the recording side) going this afternoon on O’Reilly Networks Mac DevCenter. It’s focused particularly on using Skype to record interviews and then podcast them, but it’s got a lot of generally applicable advice on using a Mac to record, edit, and compress audio without a lot of fuss or expense.

Kiran Max Weber

Om, just beware using Exchange with Entourage only does e-mail, calendar and contacts. No to-do’s or notes which is limiting I think, at least not being about to sync to-do’s.

Om Malik

Good idea. I will look into it – thanks guys Are you using it? what have been your experiences so far with exchange?

Jonathan Greene

I was just going to recommend 1and1 as well… should make it easy to connect to whatever mobile device you happen to have at the time as well.

Dameon Welch-Abernathy

1and1 has a decent hosted exchange server. 1 gig of space at 6.99/mo. Includes OWA, Outlook Mobile Access, and antivirus. Also includes a free copy of Outlook 2003 for Windows. Hard to beat…

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