Vonage, finally goes to UK

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Now this had to be one of the worst kept secrets in the business, but still it is now official. Vonage has launched its eastward march, and is now offering its VoIP service in UK. I am pretty certain France, Germany and all high broadband penetration countries in Europe are next in line. I found a little irony in the fact that Vonage news today got buried in all the hoopla about Google’s VoIP. It is nothing more than rumor based in innuendo and flim flam. Anyway it is also fun to note, that despite all our love for Vonage, the world sees Google as a more interesting story.

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bernard s

Vonage shouldn’t wait for too long before entering the French market, else they’ll be facing solidly entrenched competitors, as Amazon found out the hard way.
The #2 French ISP (Free) is offering unlimited nationwide VoIP over ADSL at no extra cost for more than a year, and their triple play modems (FreeBox) are flying off the shelves.
As for the incumbent, France Telecom’s ISP unit (Wanadoo) is rolling out a similar VoIP/ADSL package as we speak.
The window of opportunity for transposing a successful business from the US to Europe has been shortening dramatically. Jeff (Citron) should talk to Jeff (Bezos) for advice.

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