New Sony U site on SonyStyle


U_accessSony dropped the U series from the SonyStyle site last month which prompted speculation they were going to stop selling the UPC in the US.  Those rumors have been put to bed with the appearance of the little computer in retail outlets like CompUSA and Fry’s.  I ran across the new Sony U site that Sony put up a few days ago and the new site has a lot of photos and information about the U.  Worth a look if you want a closer look at the U and current U owners looking for accessories can find them here.



I saw that site a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s a part of the site that never came down when Sony took the rest of the U-related stuff down. I have it bookmarked because it’s easy to get to the accessories page.


any idea if the U series will be sold to us down under (australia)?



Since you have Sony’s ear, please let them know that the OQO form factor is what they should be shooting for.

If Sony does nothing to enhance the performance or specs of the Sony U50-U750P, shrinking down the U by 1-2 inches and adding an integrated keyboard would make it the perfect device.

I know you are the slate tablet fan, but I still rely on a keyboard and I suspect a lot of other folks are more accustomed to a keyboard/thumb board.


Great news to hear Sony is going to market the U series. Like many others, I worried they were dropping it before I got a chance to get one!

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