Intel’s Idle WiMAX Talk?


Given that all the hype and hoopla Intel has created around WiMAX, sadly its actions don’t match up with its words. The six-month delay in the WiMAX certification process is primarily due to “lack of chips from Intel,” writes The Register.

The main negative impact will be on investor confidence and overall perception of WiMAX, since most operators are either going ahead with prestandard equipment or have long roll-out schedules anyway. …. Like an over-excited child, the technology industry is never able to stop itself wishing away the days until Christmas. Time and again, standards and products fail to meet their schedules, not because of any intrinsic problem, but because the deadlines were unrealistic to start with.

The article points out that “two independent WiMAX chipmakers, WaveSat and Sequans, already have uncertified 802.16 silicon sampling with major customers, while Fujitsu has been detailed about its own delivery schedules.”

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