His Master’s Voice, January 2005


The new issue of Business 2.0 is out. This is packed with goodies. The magazine has a new annual list: Smart List. It’s a great compilation of the smartest things companies did last year. We also name the Smartest Company of the Year. The Smartest Company? Toyota. Now what would be The Smart List, without a little counterbalance, aka The Dumbest. You can read them over on the Business 2.0 website. These are open access links by the way. Now what did I contribute: Nothing much – except for an in-depth review of Treo 650, which is the GSM edition. That one, however you will have to read in the magazine. I know most of you subscribe to the magazine, but if you don’t, then there is a little subscription form. Try it out, and guess what, if you sign-up, I will be one step closer to my much coveted G5.

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