The Cancer Code- great read


Cancer_codeI have been conversing with the Mindjet folks, producers of the great mind mapping program MindManager.  More specifically the discussion has been with the Manager of External Affairs, Hobie Swan, and covered the possiblity of doing a review of the software.  Hobie has been very good to work with and when he asked me if he could send me something that demonstrates the mindset behind Mindjet I said sure.

Much to my surprise a couple of days ago I received a paperback book titled "The Cancer Code".  The book was written by Mike and Bettina Jetter, founders of Mindjet, with the help of Hobie and it is the moving story of how MindManager came to be.  Mike Jetter has leukemia and the MindManager program was a driving force in his recovery from a disease that almost got the best of him.  He has endured at least three bone marrow transplants over the years and the book is a moving story of not only the history of the program but the tolls a deadly disease can take on a young couple just starting out in life.

The book is very well written and a joy to read and highly recommended.  Proceeds from the sale of the book go to the funding of leukemia research so if you want to help, and you enjoy a great true story, then pick up a copy of The Cancer Code.



Cam, any idea when that interview might go live? I just listened this week to the Nicole and Scoble interviews. You guys are great!

cameron Reilly

yeah we did an hour long interview with Hobie a couple of days ago for the G’Day World podcast and it was a hoot. He’s a great guy and they have a great product AND story.

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