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FireFox still doing its thing

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Join the Community!’s FireFox browser is picking up further momentum and gaining maker share. News reports indicate that FireFox has now 4.78% of the Internet surfer market, up about 0.9% in December. Spread Firefox shows that nearly 19.5 million copies of the software have been downloaded. Meanwhile, the media is catching on to what’s going on. After I wrote about Blake Ross, one (though not the only) of the key people behind Mozilla back in October 2004, main stream media is turning him into a star. Wired Magazine has put him on the cover of the February issue of the magazine. This is only going to help Firefox gain market share, as more people become aware of the product. As an aside, nearly 23.28% of visitors to this site are using Mozilla-based browsers.

One Response to “FireFox still doing its thing”

  1. Om,

    I’m an Opera user and have been over the last few years. Opera has the ability to identify itself as IE 6 (which is usually set by default). I feel if this weren’t so, we would really get to know how many Opera users are out there too and IE percentages would decrease even further.