A Sony U is on the way!


The biggest pleasure I get from working on jkOnTheRun is meeting all the good people who stop by and share their views about mobile technology.  This is what makes it so much fun for me and I always look forward to hearing what each commenter has to say.  Once in a while something happens that reaffirms for me the inherent goodness in people and makes me feel good about what I do.  A frequent visitor to jkOTR had a Sony U750P that he wasn’t using very much and he is donating it to me so I can continue to write about them.  I would love to identify the donor but I do not have his permission so he will remain anonymous until I hear otherwise.  According to UPS I will have the Sony by the end of the week and I am just amazed at this selfless act.  Thank you so much.  I don’t know what else to say.  Thank you.



James – yes the HWR works in any application (I’m using it right now). Ink isn’t recognized in most applications – just a conversion to text.

Not sure what you mean by input panel but it has a writing pad (like a single line you can write on), a write anywhere function, a drawing pad and 2 popup keyboards – a standard one & a symbol one. I don’t use speech recognition at all but that is in there, too.

I keep the keyboard attached to the dock on my desk. I rarely use it – the keep are a bit small for me (& I don’t have very large hands). Besides, the HWR is good enough for me. But I’m not a real keyboard person, anyway. Always had one for my PDAs, rarely used them.

Regarding the screen protector – one of the best tips I ever read was to install them in a steamy bathroom. I got one from Brando – works great & the one bubble I had was gone in a couple of hours after the install.

Feel free to email me if you have any other questions. I’ll do my best to answer.

And Todd – you are a very generous guy!


Vidge, quick question. Do you use the Sony keyboard much? I never used mine but that was because it was Japanese and the key placment was horrible for touch typing. I believe the American keyboard is normal so I was wondering if you use it much.


I’m super happy to hear this too James! Thanks Todd, for a truly selfless act!


Vidge, does the MS Office HWR work in any application? What sort of input panel does it provide? And do you do speech reco at all?

The problem I had with a screen protector is getting the bubbles out. If it’s clear it’s hard to put on. At least for me.


Mike, I don’t have it yet but will post pics when I get it. A comparison is not necessary because the first thing I did when I got the U70 was wipe it clean and install an American OS. Everything was English with the exception of the funny symbols on the keyboard. :)


I’m running my U without Tablet on it and find that it works quite well. I don’t even use rite Pen – I find the handwriting recognition built into XP & Microsoft Office to be better than rite Pen.

Oh and James – do consider a screen protector this time. I got one from Brando & it is so clear, yon can’t even tell it’s on.

Mike Cane

Man, you don’t know how much I wanted to do that myself. Unfortunately, some creep went and won MY Mega Millions jackpot last weekend…

Please post some new pics! And now that you have the AMERICAN version, perhaps you can do up a quick comparison?


I can also confirm that the upgrade works. After the first re-boot the login TIP was a garbled mess, but another reboot fixed that. I also had a minor issue with automatic updating not working properly, but that was fixed by editing the registry.

I will say also that the inclusion of RitePen may negate the need (somewhat) for the Tablet OS. I found that I missed using the Tablet OS because I also have a Tablet PC, but my suggestion is to use the U for a while before you upgrade… besides, no one wants to spend $700.00 for an MSDN subscription if they don’t have to.


I am thrilled that you will continue to be able to post on UPC’s. I was wondering if, when you get your U750P, you could try upgrading (not a clean install) to Tablet and let us know how that works. I got a copy of tablet and am getting ready to install/upgrade it on my U750P. Upgrading sounds easier – would love to read about your perspective on this.


I just received permission from the mystery donor to let me acknowledge him here: Todd, many, many thanks, my friend. You are a truly nice person! BTW, he wants me to make sure everyone knows he doesn’t have another Sony to give away! :)


@anthonybuchanan- mobile tech crosses all devices and that certainly includes the OQO. The recent article about maximizing the mobile experience is even more pertinent to the OQO even than the Sony.


I was so excited when you mentioned this in an email to me earlier James. Overwhelmed, really. What an amazing act, I was shocked. And glad. My U70 should be here Tuesday, and I’m looking forward to lots of Sony U posts by you (now that it’ll be relevant to me, haha). :D


Marc Orchant

Great news James! And thank you, anonymous reader – this man works so hard to provide quality content for his readers. Your generosity will be multiplied many times over.


WOW. That’s awesome. And here I was, getting ready to send you a Moleskine. If you’d like one (I have like 6 now), let me know :)


If anyone deserves this this type of generosity it’s you jk. I’m not surprised that this happened.


Can’t say more than WOW. I have deep respect for you, dear anonymous reader.

Kevin C. Tofel

What an outstanding selfless act of kindness. Whomever you are, know that you have done a very admirable action and this community thanks you as well.


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