The iPod Shuffle is Lame

A couple of weeks ago Apple released the iPod Shuffle at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Steve Jobs made the annoucement during his keynote and at the end he casually mentioned that they were available in the Apple store down the street. Following the keynote, thousands of Apple fanatics made a bull run down to the store to be the “first” to own the new iPod Shuffle.

Enter me standing on my soap box.

I’m going to make a statement now. A statement which I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with. I’ll probably get lots of hate mail, death threats, and a couple of envelopes of anthrax sent to my doorstep…but, after all, what else would you expect from Apple fanatics?

The iPod Shuffle is lame.

There. I said it. Yes, and I meant it too. I think it’s a horribly pathetic attempt on Apple’s part…I don’t even know what they are attempting…but it’s pathetic. Now…I’ll state why I’m right.

Flash Drive
It’s a $99 flash drive people. That’s all. Sure it’ll play music…but so what. You can get a 512mb flash drive for half of that. Heck, you can even get a 1GB flash drive for under $100 while the 1GB Shuffle is $150. So, that reason alone shows how overpriced the Shuffle is.

240? How about 120
Apple uses 2 selling points to market Shuffle. One, “240 songs. A million different ways.” Two, they quickly follow that tag by mentioning something about it only being $99. Sure…that’s just marketing. But it’s also just missleading. That 99 bucks won’t get you 240 songs…it’ll only get you 120. Lame.

Rip Off
The Shuffle is a rip off. Plain and simple. You don’t get any bang for your buck. You don’t even get so much as a wimper for your buck. Lets put this into perspective here. With the chepeast Shuffle you get 120 songs for $99. For a 20GB iPod you get 5,000 songs. That’s precisely 41.6666666667 times more songs than the Shuffle will hold yet it only costs 3 times as much. What does this mean? It means wait a bit longer and save up your lunch money and get WAY more space.

In Closing
I will give the Shuffle some credit. It’d probably be nice for somebody who only uses it to go jogging a couple of miles or for a bike trip to work. But, my guess is that of the hundreds of thousands of people who have bought the thing already…not even half go jogging on a regular basis. My guess is that 90%+ just bought one to have one. Just to say “I have an iPod Shuffle.” Just because. Sure a “real” iPod is a bit expensive, but when you compare it to what you’re getting with that $99 piece of plastic, you’re getting ripped off bad by the Shuffle. It’s the “$19.99″ principle. You see something made by Apple costs “under $100″ and you jump at it and think you’re getting an awesome deal. No. You’re getting screwed.


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