Indians Talk Too Much

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On their phone… at least. And that’s because the prices are so low in that country… just as here in the US.

According to data compiled by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), Indian subscribers are the fifth heaviest phone users at 309 minutes per month per subscriber. While subscribers in the US talk the most at 619 minutes a month, those staying in Canada are the second highest users with an average usage of 344 minutes a month. Telephone usage in India ranks higher than the fastest growing telecom market in the world — China, where subscribers talk an average of 261 minutes a month.

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Aseem Bajaj

Btw, did you know that the talk time rates are probably the lowest in India. In Delhi, when I started using a cellphone in 99, the rates were around $0.2/min with a $15 monthly rental. However, in 4 years (that’s when I have the last record), for the same rental, you could talk at $0.01/min for outgoing calls (incoming was free).

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