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Clearwire expands to Daytona Beach

Craig McCaw’s latest baby, Clearwire is expanding its foot print all across Florida’s Daytona Beach area. This is the fourth market in which Clearwire has turned on its fixed wireless network. Others are Jacksonville, Florida; Abilene, Texas and St. Cloud, Minnesota. The Daytona network will eventually cover about 65,000 homes. The company is offering 512 kbps download/ 128 kbps upload speeds. Introductory offer is for $15 a month, for three months. Unwire, okay!

One Response to “Clearwire expands to Daytona Beach”

  1. Jesse Kopelman

    How the field-techs for the other markets must laugh at those of St. Cloud . . . I can say this because I’ve been foolish enough to visit rooftops in Salt Lake City in January.