Audio shootout- iPod Shuffle vs Sandisk MP3


M_shufflesandiskThe iPod Shuffle has been the hot topic of discussion since Steve Jobs announced it at MacWorld last week.  The littlest iPod is a flash memory based player that comes in two flavors, 512 MB and 1 GB.  Sandisk has long been the king of flash memory cards and many people don’t realize they have been producing MP3 players for a while.  The Sandisk MP3 (affiliate link) player is shorter and slightly wider than the iPod Shuffle but there is where the similarities end.

Dave’s iPAQ normally covers topics that pertain to iPAQ Pocket PCs but Dave ponied up the cash for an iPod Shuffle for his wife.  He’s not happy with that decision and has an indepth comparison between the iPod and the Sandisk.  Read the review before you plop down your money on the newest iPods.  Here’s something from the article I found very telling:

So which one do you think is the better deal? For $16 less I am getting a FM Player, Built in display, Built-in Equilizer, Voice Recorder and free arm band! Yes you have to add batteries to this unit, 1 AAA but remember what Apple says the rechargable batteries will eventually die. Overall the Sandisk will stay in my wife’s hand and my new iPod Shuffle will be placed on Ebay. Sorry Apple . . .



I just got the Sandisk and I can’t even get it to work! The files transfer from WPM10 ok but when I try to press play, I get a constact pause signal on the display. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? The store I bought it from simply changed the last one thinking there was a fault but the new one is doing the same thing.

Any suggestions would be great!


Both reviews failed to mention the most powerful part of the SanDisk. It also functions as a flash drive – try doing that with the Shuffle. Not only can I carry the many songs that I will likel listen to, but I can also carry a few programs with me at all times that I may be likely to use since I work in IT (Ad-Aware, etc…)

And for all you people that think that Jobs did something really original with the Apple/Mac, please remember that he ‘borrowed’ the idea from Xerox. Granted his ingenuity made it better and more customer friendly – but that’s exactly what Gates did with MS. He made other people’s ideas work better and marketed them more effectively.

So lets keep the bashing on both sides to a minimum since nobody seems to be unwilling to ‘borrow’ other people’s ideas for profit.


eduardo, thanks for the input, however I can’t concur.

Let’s look at an example:

You got 40 gigs of music, ripped, bought – whatever; however most of it are old CDs and you dont want to spend $250 just to be able to carry all of them with you.

You also don’t want to spend 200GBP on a 5gig player, because you don’t care to shell out that much and you also dont care to carry 5 gig with you.

For people who prefer to carry only 512 / 1024mb with them – these devices are a good thing.


the shuffle is for girls and the sandisk if for little guys with small hands. Anyone who has half a brain has something like an iPod mini or an iriver h10. Sorry guys, these little jokes are basically girlie toys or baby trinkets you give a 3 yr. old. Get a real mp3 player lol. Both of those players ( shuffle & sandisk)suck and are for whimps. They’re laughing at you in the gym with those tiny POS!

Johan De Silva

I got the Sandisk this week. Buying £15 Sony in the ear headphones really improved the sound quality from nasty lightweight bass and tinny treble, however it’s still a little bellow par on the mid range and detail. It will not matter in a noisy gym. I record and play music at 192 though you may as well record at 128 because of the lack in music quality. Using the graphic equalizer doesn’t help much beyond setting the two bass extensions one up from flat (any more and its too heavy). The whole package is still really impressive and more usable than the limited Apple Shuffle but I recommend spending more money on a Creative or proper music brand like Sony.

Johan De Silva

Why are Apple fans so quick to claim any negative constructive comment as anti-iPod or anti-Apple?

The Shuffle wins hands down because of its simple plug in and play feature making it flexibility with file transfers. Unless your MP3’s are made with the latest LAME driver then the sound Quality of WMA is far better than MP3.


Taybach, I’m in no way anti iPod – I love the iPod, yet the shuffle is nowhere near the quality the standard iPods have.

The display (or lack thereoff) is what bothers me the most.

I’m trying to help by offering my input. nothing more.


Why are people so anti-iPod?

If he wants a shuffle, why does it bother others? Let him be.


sachin, you say that you know the name of virtually every song in your collection, but do you also know the file sorting method the shuffle uses?

the files could be sorted by title (which would be smart) or by length, or just as they are dragged onto the shuffle.

so that would still leave some guessing with the shuffle since you couldnt tell which song is where.

what’s keeping you from buying the sandisk? It’s nearly the same but has a display which shows you where you are and which song you are playing…


i’m about to order an ipod shuffle as my first mp3 player, and i think that for my small needs, it will do fine. though i have a fairly large music collection (well over 5 Gb if i ripped everything i own), i simply do not need my whole collection on one (let’s face it, quite large) device. i also require no frills that bump up the weight and decrease ease of use, so to fit the criteria, the shuffle is ideal. i understand that it’s not to everyone’s taste, but then again i DO know the name of virtually every song in my collection.


the sandisk thing looks like the device I want.

not as crappy as the shuffle, yet not as bulky as most hdd players. I dont want 20 gigs with me, I want a max of around 512 with me. not more, not less than 256 at any rate though and at a price of 120 bucks, 512 is not that bad.

Mike Cane

This reminds me of the climactic scene in that Jobs/Gates movie that aired on TBS (what was its name, and when will they repeat it, or is it on DVD?).

Jobs has learned that Gates has created Windows:

Jobs: We’re [the Macintosh is] better.

Gates: That doesn’t matter.


>>>I take my hat off to Creative for jamming far more features and superior battery power into the equivalent sized box. But unfortunately that’s about as far as I see Creative’s creativity taking them.

>>>The look of Creative’s Zen resembles an iPod but yet doesn’t quite make the grade. Lots of colours, sure good idea, but again next to the iPod it looks, well . . . obiang (unfashionable in Hokkien dialect).,4582,142868,00.html?


This site has always leaned pro-MS and anti-Apple.

The shuffle is for people who have an iPod already. It’s not a “my first time” MP3 player.

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