ThemeMaker McDeb updated


Thememaker_mcdebThe best themes for the Pocket PC are the ones you find on the Pocket McDeb website.  Deb does beautiful work and in fact did the banner for jkOnTheRun.  She teamed up a good while ago with KAMware and they jointly released ThemeMaker McDeb which is a wonderful program for building your own beautiful themes for the Pocket PC.  Debbie and KAMware have released version 4 of this cool utility and there are so many good enhancements that have been added.  The program now supports Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition with full VGA and landscape support which is awesome.  It has never been easier to make stunning themes for your Pocket PC and at only $18 the program is a great deal.  There is a demo version available which is full featured but puts a "demo" watermark on created themes.

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