The Three Screen Problem

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Business 2.0: Walk into any Silicon Valley gathering and all you’ll hear is one person after another pontificating on “the three screens that dominate our digital lives.” The three screens, of course, are television, the personal computer, and the cell phone, which these same people then posit will merge. One cannot blame the chattering classes for thinking along these lines. After all, phones can display webpages, crusty cable companies are beaming more of their stuff digitally, and affordable HDTV plasma screens display it all with great acuity. There’s only one problem: Companies are thinking about it all backward. Continue reading….

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Doug Thacker

I think this concept is very true…. but I have to admit…the 4th screen might be my MP3 player. I am constantly plugged in. Voip makes the 3 screens converge, imho. Centralization is the future, imho. I really like having all of my e-mail, fax, phone messages all in one place.

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