Even cheaper Mac Mini?


Target.com is now selling the Mac Mini, in both the 1.25GHz/40GB and the 1.42GHz/80GB configurations. This is great news for those seeking an even cheaper Mac Mini, because there are always coupons for Target.com that apply to anything on the site. For example, a search on Dealcoupon.com today for Target.com reveals two “10% off, no minimum” coupons. Normally, saving $60 – $70 off the price of a computer is nice, but not necessarily a significant discount. With the Mac Mini, though, that’s a nice chunk of the purchase price back in your pocket.

Edit by Dan:
I work at target. I havent heard anything so far about when or if we are going to get them in the stores, but Im going to ask the store manager tommorow if he knows anything. Ill keep you updated.

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