Closing the jkOTR Yahoo group


Well, the experiment with the jkOnTheRun Yahoo Group was not a success but it was worth the attempt.  I personally don’t like Yahoo Groups and a lot of you don’t either so I’m going to shut it down.  What would be great is setting up a real discussion forum that is fun to use and that provides a nice place for us to discuss mobile technology amongst ourselves.  Well, guess what?  A frequent visitor to this site is voluntarily setting up an awesome forum right now and it will be going live soon.  The preliminary work is outstanding and it is a REAL forum!  We’ll have everything organized into forums so we can even have a dedicated place for Sony U issues, UPC discussion, lots of things.  We’re getting very close now so keep an eye out and I hope you will enjoy the forums as much as I know I will.  Thanks to everyone for your support and participation on jkOTR- it is a very fulfilling work I do here.  Here’s a VERY preliminary look at what is to come:




I have seen a couple of people who are phasing out their Google Group due to various problems. I much prefer a real forum and others have voiced that same opinion.


Sweet. I don’t personally care for Yahoo! Groups much, but the new forum looks nice!

Props to that volunteer, thanks dude whoever you are! :D


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