Can you think better when typing?


I find my creative thought process is much freer when using ink on a Tablet PC, as I’ve stated before.  I am better able to capture the thought in ink and then transform it into text later.  I ran across an interesting article on the collision detection blog that analyzes this process and has a go at the concept of what is better for the creative process, writing or typing?  The writer is a journalist who uses the keyboard when interviewing subjects over the phone and a notepad and pen when the interviews are live.  He admits to using ink for the outline even when he types the actual article, which is the process I use for my articles.  It’s a good read and quotes lots of sources with opinions on this debate.  It is of particular interest to Tablet PC users who may be torn between the slate or keyboard.


Muhamad Moosavy

I want to know whats the featurs of tablet pc and pocket pc. and what is the advantages or disadvantages of each of them. ( really I want to have a comaparison with these two type of computers for choice between them)


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