After the ink dries up


I have been Tablet-less for most of a week now and it is apparent to me how integrated the Tablet had become in my thought process while writing articles.  There is not another computing appliance that stimulates the creative process like the Tablet PC.  Sketching out an idea until it becomes a full-fledged project is just so rewarding.  You can sit down at a keyboard and do the same thing but it takes much longer and I am convinced thought trains are not followed because they are lost in the cumbersome method of the tool.  But with pen in hand the idea remains the main focus with no distractions, just a free flowing interaction with the Tablet.  This is what I miss the most.


Robin Capper

I love technology, and CAD software, but my favourite concept design tool is still an old a3 plastic drawing board, thick/med/thin black pens and a pad of paper…
Maybe something like SketchUp running on a tablet could replace it but havent been able to try that yet.
Sad to see you had to let the Sony go, hope you are able to replace it soon.


Paper? What’s that? :) Seriously, where do you get replacement batteries for the moleskine? :)


I recommend the moleskine notebooks – alot cheaper than a tablet (only $10), and works well (and no BSOD’s) ;)

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