The Amiga lives on


Amiga_os4I remember when the Amiga was first introduced and how devoted owners evangelized the interesting new computer and its advanced operating system.  The Amiga OS was a multi-tasking workhorse with an advanced windowing system that put other operating systems at that time to shame.  It is not surprising to me that there are still Amiga fans in big numbers but it did surprise to find that a company is still producing Amiga hardware and the OS.  Yes, you can buy an AmigaOne today complete with the Amiga OS4 and relive the old days.  It is interesting to compare the Amiga OS to current systems because you find it is still a rich platform, almost 20 years later.  There is a nice Amiga owner web site where owners discuss their systems, software and even post nice pictures of their setups.  You can also find dozens of local Amiga user groups in many areas.

Ars Technica brought the Amiga back to the forefront with their nice review of the AmigaOne and OS4.   A company is producing Amiga motherboards and has a pre-release version of an updated Amiga OS, OS4.  The author details the hardware and software offering and compares it to the Amiga of old.  If you are interested in the Amiga or are a former owner then don’t miss the review, it’s a nice walk down Amiga lane.   One statement in the review drives home what Amiga owners have always known:

However, a curious thing happened as I began writing this article on my AmigaOne. I found I was switching less and less from the A1 back to the PC, and I was enjoying my typical PC using experience (browsing, writing and chatting on IRC) more than I typically did. Had I succumbed to a particularly virulent form of Amiga madness? Perhaps, but it is a madness that I recognize from days gone by and thought was gone forever: the sheer joy of computing and the fun of discovering a new platform.

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