Sharp SL-C3000 reviewed- is it a PDA or a UPC?


The Sharp SL-C3000 is hard to define.  It runs Linux, has an internal 4 GB hard drive and keyboard so you could say it’s a UPC and not a PDA.  Every review I have seen of the C3000 gives the distinct impression that a road warrior could easily leave the laptop behind and just carry the Sharp on trips.  Definitely sounds like a UPC to me, certainly more capable than most PDAs on the market today.  BargainPDA has the latest review of the Sharp and they do like what they see.  The author is an owner of the predecessor of the C3000 and has a solid basis for comparison.  Check out the full review and look at how small this device is for all that it packs in the little case.  I do wish it had either integrated Bluetooth or WiFi, but you can add those via expansion slots.  The coolest thing is the rotating screen that goes from clamshell to slate, like a little Tablet PC.  Too bad it’s not one.  The Sharp C3000 is only sold in Japan but you can pick it up at importers like Dynamism.



dewitt knox

Sony U-750: is there any chatter about a replacement for this product. I cannot seem to find one in stock which might say something else is coming?

Mike Cane

I too am very interested in your user report when yoo get one. The hidden keyboard Sharp was a nice piece of hardware.


Will do! Now, if DHL could just hurry up a bit, I might even get it before I travel abroad for a five days. It would be ever so nice to have access to 50-60 of my favourite CDs on the trip. Guess I forgot to mention that my Zaurus 5500 also doubles as an MP3 player. The hassle of writing new MP3s to the 256 MB CF card all the time was really starting to bug me, and I had been thinking of getting a iPod mini for some time. The the SL-C3000s 4 GB hard drive will do nicely for a while, and I don’t have to worry about yet another gadget in my pockets. (It’s hard enough to keep track the phone, the PDA and the Pocketop keyboard and stand as it is… :-)


Eirik, good for you with the Sharp! Let us know what you think of it- I think it’s a fine device and would serve as a laptop replacement for most people. Email me pics when you get it running and I’ll post them for everyone to see. :)


I’ve recently sent Dynamism $900 plus hoping you’re right. :-) I’ve used PDAs and subnotebooks as laptop replacements since 1992, and as a professional writer I’ve always been partial to units with an integrated keyboard. The Psion 3a was my first PDA, followed by the Psion 5 and 7 (I was so fond of my 7 I built a quite popular site for it – it’s still at ). After Psion pulled out of the mainstream PDA market, there was precious little choice in keyboard-based PDAs around.

I more or less stumbled across the Zaurus 5500 in a shop in London’s Tottenham Court Road (a great place to find bargains on all manner of computer hardware), and have been a very satisified owner since. The keyboard is a bit small, so I had to get an external keyboard (from Pocketop – great hardware BTW). The general reliability and build quality of this machine has proved to be far superior to the three Psions I owned, and when I read that there would be a Sharp clamshell with a harddisk, I was sold!

I’ve been following the discussions at, and it looks like users are able to connect standard USB keyboards to the SL-C3000. There’s also a video out card available for the model, which in principle should make it possible to connect a PC screen to it as well. That’s one of the thing’s I’ll be looking at when I get my unit in a few days. My ideal PDA would be instant-on with a full working day’s battery life, have a USB port and a integrated keybord, come with built-in wifi and bluetooth and a standard video out adapter. The Sl-C3000 is 4 out of 7. Still some way to go, but we _are_ slowly getting there… :-)


I don’t know what it is but I want it.

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