Sharp SL-C3000 reviewed- is it a PDA or a UPC?

The Sharp SL-C3000 is hard to define.  It runs Linux, has an internal 4 GB hard drive and keyboard so you could say it’s a UPC and not a PDA.  Every review I have seen of the C3000 gives the distinct impression that a road warrior could easily leave the laptop behind and just carry the Sharp on trips.  Definitely sounds like a UPC to me, certainly more capable than most PDAs on the market today.  BargainPDA has the latest review of the Sharp and they do like what they see.  The author is an owner of the predecessor of the C3000 and has a solid basis for comparison.  Check out the full review and look at how small this device is for all that it packs in the little case.  I do wish it had either integrated Bluetooth or WiFi, but you can add those via expansion slots.  The coolest thing is the rotating screen that goes from clamshell to slate, like a little Tablet PC.  Too bad it’s not one.  The Sharp C3000 is only sold in Japan but you can pick it up at importers like Dynamism.



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