Netfront 3.3 engine released


Netfront is the only real browser on the Pocket PC as far as I’m concerned and it was welcome news to see a press release from Access today that a new version has been released.  Netfront 3.3 has a lot of new and welcome features including support for RSS and Atom feeds. 

Unfortunately, this new version is just an engine update for OEMs and even though Access released version 3.2 last year the latest version available for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC is 3.1, a very dated version of the browser that doesn’t even handle the latest Windows Mobile operating system.  Netfront on the Pocket PC doesn’t work properly on VGA devices running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.  There are ways to make it work for the most part but it is high time that Access release an update for this platform.  The Pocket PC browser scene is a very pathetic one, with Pocket Internet Explorer at the bottom of that list.  It doesn’t display VGA well at all and Netfront is the only browser that does.  It seems that Access is concentrating on the smartphone market and forgetting the one that brought it- the Pocket PC.


Matthew Reid


I’m an avid Netfront user and have been a street evangelist for the product for a couple of years. I am, however, bummed that I can’t use it on my Windows Mobile 5.0 phone.


Browsers on PPCs are really not that good. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a pocket Firefox edition?

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