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Another Day, Another VoIP Provider

Well folks, if you are like me and losing touch with reality and cannot keep up with the VoIP provider announcements, I might have a solution which might be agreeable to most. I am going to put a “dollar” for every new VoIP provider that starts-up, and send the money over to the tsunami victims. I guess with the pace the whole industry is growing, about $25 a month, for next twelve months is not that difficult. Now if ten of you decide to join me in this exercise, well do the math… that’s $3000. I think that should get at least six families back on their feet. I mean something good should come out of this VoIP madness… right! Now why this sudden brain storm… well eLEC has just launched its VOX service nationwide. Read any other company’s product offerings, and then go to eLEC’s homepage to see an encore. National service is $30 bucks a month. Please note, the madness is so steep that now the company is using dot-net. Guess the dot-com is gone!