WiMAX, how about NoMAX

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Fujitsu and Intel just cannot get along on this whole WiMAX thing, and it is no surprise that the certification has been delayed by another six months. For the longest time, I have been screaming in the wind, saying there is no such thing as WiMAX, and people please stop using the moniker. Intel’s FUD machine did a good job, the so called email newsletters which are advertorials in disguise helped propagate the myth and well the rest you know. Glad to see Mike harping on that point over at The Feature. “The certification process has been pushed back at least six months — and part of the blame is being place on WiMAX’s number one supporter: Intel.” Now Mike all is good, but don’t only blame the media. Intel and any company who uses WiMAX is as much to blame. People who use Pre-WiMAX from this point forward, here is a memo: you are going to refer to your life from this point on: Pre-Death.

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Jesse Kopelman

There may be no WiMax standard, but the name is alive and well. These things take on a life of their own. Verizon’s first true 3G service is EV-DO, but that didn’t stop them from calling 1xRTT 3G three years ago . . . If WiMax as a standard fizzles, I wouldn’t be surprised if companies like Navini keep using the term to describe their proprietary equipment.

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