Wiki dis Wiki That

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Wikis are having their 15 minutes in the blogosphere. Great – broadband enables demand for new software, and it doesn’t matter if it comes from company A (aka Social Text) or Company B (JotSpot) or open source. Who cares! Venky is right when he says, that the people are willing to pay for it. Its not a big market, it will not be a big market, and that’s that. Ross will make money, and Joe will make money. But they are not going to be Sergey and Larry anytime soon. Worthy of an Intel versus AMD article in the Mercury News, I don’t think so. How about calling attention to the WiMAX FUD, or bringing renewed focus to the tsunami efforts? (How quickly those have fallen off the front pages of most blogs…. including mine!) Frankly, props to Ross for taking the high road on this one. I know one thing – more broadband means more demand for these micro-niche applications. More Ross Mayfields’ in the Valley. (Okay maybe there is one Ross, but you get the point!) That’s good news in the end!

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