Top ten PDA failures

MarcoThere have been no shortage of interesting mobile devices over the years, some of them successes and some less so.  If you want to take a trip down PDA memory lane then don’t miss the article on MLAgazine that lists the "Top Ten PDA Failures".  I am ashamed to admit how many of the gadgets on this list that I personally owned (4) even though I don’t think they were failures in the strictest sense of the term.  It surprises me that the author considers the Apple Newton the biggest failure, while admitting he/she still uses his MessagePad 130 to this day.  I think in a big sense the Newton paved the way for not only higher end PDAs but other pen-enabled computers too.  Of the ten devices listed two are still available in quantity on eBay so maybe they are not such a failure after all.


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