Music on Phone without a Player?


RCR News: A new study from technology consultancy The Diffusion Group says that 42 percent of households that use both the Internet and mobile phones would be comfortable listening to music. But only 25 percent said they were interested in having digital music players on their phones. That sounds a tad strange. Want Music, but not the player. Something missing here… I think. Anyway the report says that most connected homes would like to disconnect from PSTN service.


Mike D.

I think the reason people don’t report being comfortable with a phone/musicplayer combination is that most people simply aren’t happy with their mobile phone experience as it is. The majority of phones out there are not as intuitive to use as an iPod or any other music player really, so the response is “Don’t turn my music player into a crappy experience”. This, however, is a solvable problem, and will be solved by Apple and other companies once they release a proper integrated product.

I wrote a long article about where the iPod is going and published it last night. It can be found here.

Venki Iyer

Om, you’re right – I don’t think Sling or Orb or KT ever had a long-term story, and of course Steve just put a spike thru all of them (mixing metaphors, here) with the mini.

Om Malik

Interesting thoughts Venki. I agree SLing and Orb and Kinetic Tide would do well, but I wonder how big that market really is. I think these are more early adopter type of products

Venki Iyer

Yeah, my hypothesis, way back when in early ‘03, was that it seemed more useful (and doable) to be able to stream from my music collection, whereever it was, to my phone, rather than storing the same #@%$ all over again on the phone. Think Orb or Slingmedia, streaming to the phone, rather than having a disk built into the phone …

And yeah, I wouldn’t have minded selling out to moto either.

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