Angry Europeans start Mac mini price petition


Looks like the Apple users in Europe aren’t to happy with the price Apple has set for the Mac mini in their country. In-fact, a petition has been started to the tune of over 8000 signatures as of this post. The petition starts with:

We’d like to make an appeal to Apple on the pricing of the new Mac mini in the European Union. Basing on the last long-term rate of exchange of US Dollars to EUR (et vice versa) — which is 1.3293 on the spot market, so let’s say 1.32 — both announced prices of the Mac mini in Europe, 489.- EUR and 589.- EUR, respectively, are much too high.

Now, my initial thought is “Suck it up! The things are dirt cheap already.” Then, after more thinking, it hit me…the reason Apple put these suckers on the market was to pull PC users over to the dark side and if they plan on doing so…they should be fair across the board.



They actually do have much fairer pricing than the figures quoted suggest. People always forget that when comparing US to European prices you have to remember that European prices include Sales Tax whereas US prices don’t

Gordon Anderson

It is not PC users who are complianing though, it is most likely current Mac users making the fuss.

Many factors affect the retail price, Germany for example, has strict recycling rules for products and their packaging which increase costs. Local shipping, retail rents, labour rules all reflect local economic conditions. Then there is the market, how does the competition price its product?

How do consumer electronics sellers price their product compared to other markets? How about Big Macs?

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