Samsung Stumbles


I knew this was going to happen. A few months ago I pointed out that Samsung was missing out on the much anticipated holiday season and did not have many new handsets. Well looks like this is just the opening Motorola needed to put a little distance between itself and Samsung. Price war with Nokia didn’t help matters either.The South Korean giant has seen its profits tumble in the most recent quarter. Actually its unfair to put the blame solely on cellphones, for all other major product lines – flash memory, LCD and Plasma screens and DRAM memory are facing serious price pressure.


Om Malik

well it clearly is a tight race and one needs to see how it all ends. i believe that companies need to be firing on all cylinders to sustain their growth and market share

Jesse Kopelman

Nobody but themselves to blame. Samsung had some very good products in both the cellphone and LCD space, the last 2 years. They weren’t able to back it up on the marketing end and now they are paying the price.

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