DVD to PPC for movies on the go


Dvd2ppc20The DVD ripping utility DVD to PPC has always been a simple way to get those movies from DVD to the small screen of the Pocket PC and they recently released an updated version.  The PDA Guy has evaluated the new version and published a review on their web site. 

It’s possible to rip and encode DVDs without DVD2PPC. You don’t have to have DVD2PPC to do this. But DVD2PPC makes it so easy. At just 30 bucks it can save you a lot of messing about and let you do other stuff instead of waiting to fire up the next application or push the next button if you use a manual process.

I’ve "rolled my own" PDA movies and used DVD2PPC. I can’t see myself going back to the manual way. The only limitation to the DVD2PPC approach is that output is limited to Windows Media format.

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