Three years and all hail Chairman Gates

Believe it or not, I missed the three year anniversary of this site. Yes folks, on January 12, 2002 this site went live, and well rest is history. 2096 posts and 4000 comments later, well I am still going strong, though NyQuill is doing devil’s tricks on me right now. Funny thing is I would have missed the big anniversary, had it not been for a story on TiVo’s bumbling ways. My very first post was about how AOL could not bear Microsoft so it decided to sue them.

Now whether it was Netscape, Apple or Palm � the reason they lost or are losing to Microsoft is because they did not have the business acumen to keep up with the masters up in Seattle. If a smart CEO is running a company, he or she can compete and even beat Microsoft. Look at Real Networks and Intuit � two companies who have survived despite Satans of Redmond trying to give away their Windows Media Player and Microsoft Money for free.

Well, I was wrong about Real Networks. So I am eating crow on that one… make that a dozen extra crispy crows to be honest. Later that year, July to be more precise I wrote, the Bill Gates is not smart, his rivals are stupid.

One fears that despite a horrendous product, I won’t wipe my ass with Windows Media Center Microsoft is going to end-up becoming a major player in the converged device market

TiVo’s decision to just say no, well lets add TiVo to the list of companies that lost their way and handed the keys to the digital kingdom to. TVHarmony sums it up best, when they write:

The question really should be, what is the true cost of saying no? In Tivo’s case, the cost includes giving your biggest competitor Microsoft an easy entry to the market. The cost also involves the lost sales from Comcast users who will try renting a unit from their cable company before purchasing a DVR from a retailer. The cost includes losing marketshare and lost ad revenues. Tivo might have not have been able to afford to do a Comcast deal, but I’m not sure they were any better able to afford not doing a Comcast deal.

… anyway I still have not given up hope… There is Steve Jobs, and there is the Mini Mac. Possibilities are limitless. Anyway to those of you who come back every day, thank you. To new readers, welcome and hope you stick around. And yes I promise, I will not do more design changes, and architectural makeovers and promise to keep the blog on a more even keel. Thanks!