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The Sony U-70 has been sold

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  Just a note for anyone interested that the Sony U has been sold and pending the transaction clearing PayPal is no longer available.  Thanks to all who responded. 

9 Responses to “The Sony U-70 has been sold”

  1. Congrats on the new child, Raphael! Thanks for all the nice words but you must have forgotten that you were /.ed too. :)

    Anyway, I’m not going anywhere. I have been writing about mobile tech for a very long time and am not going to stop for a minute. The Sony U is a nice device but it’s not the only mobile solution out there and I intend to keep doing more of the same. Hope your family is well and visit us more often!

  2. Wow, James. With all your input and fame (weren’t you /.’ed?) and collaboration over the past few months with our U70’s, it’s really sad to see yours go.

    Of course, I sold mine off a couple of months ago, right as the U750P was being introduced to the US. So, it wasn’t a total loss, since I got good fun and use out of it, and sold it for the price of a new U750P. I, too, am making some financial adjustments, but for good reason – a second child coming into our family, just a couple of weeks away!

    I’m sure we’ll recover and get back on track with everything so that we can both tackle the next fun gadget to come our way. =)

    Many thanks and best wishes!

  3. Fernando, right now I am using a laptop and a Toshiba e800 VGA Pocket PC for mobility. I will definitely get a Tablet PC as soon as I can. The BT card, keyboard, and mouse went with the Sony U. I already have a ThinkOutside IR keyboard for the Toshiba and it works fine for now. I just posted another story today about mobile tech in action.

  4. Fernando

    Hi James:

    So, what Tablet PC are you using now for mobility? Are you using the BT keyboard, mouse and CF card with it? I was interested in purchasing those from you for my U, but I imagine you either sold them with your U or are using them still.

    Best of luck and I continue to look forward to your stories and experiences.


  5. Mike, I am still very mobile. Laptop and PPC, Bluetooth phone for connectivity anywhere, Verizon AirCard for the laptop, WiFi. I just can’t carry it in a little man bag anymore. :)

  6. Mike Cane

    I hope your deadbeat client wakes up covered in boils from head to toe — plus embedded hemorrhoids!

    This is a dark day in tech history…

    …maybe someone SMART from Sony will wake up and send you one on long-term loan!

    … or maybe someone from OQO will take their finger out and send you one of those!

    You must be mobile again!